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Operating on more than 50 websites and providing software and solution such as TacFace (ISP Manager System) to more than 30 companies and organizations around Iran.
A small sample of TCOM clients is listed below.
bullet Tamoochin.com
bullet Boomerang Internet Center
bullet Kish University
bullet iranin.net
bullet Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani (Eatelafe 9)
bullet farsfoundation.nl
bullet Apadana ISP
bullet Yasooj University
bullet Kara Amin Ertebat Co.
bullet karvasarmayeh.com
bullet Takhtejmshid ISP
bullet Spnu.net
bullet Turkan Net ISP
bullet Afsheh Arzhan Co.
bullet Gilan Net
bullet Nadisanat.com
bullet www.atcexperts.ir
bullet www.ar-dastgheib.com


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