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TacFace ISP Management System
TacFace -  ISP Managment SystemTacFace is a new solution for ISP accounting...
based on NTTacPlus engine and Thanks to its web-based interface, TacFace delivers you a fast, easy to use and also secure environment to manage your ISP from almost anywhere!

TacFace reports the latest users status such as Data usage, Connections per a special time period and many more. Also draws charts for reports.

Thanks to its strong Card Generator System, TacFace Generates thousands of usernames with full information such as Credit, Group, Expire Date and etc in minutes.

Finding special information of users now is very easy with a great variety of search fields. With an improved search engine, almost anything in database is searchable. For Example the Administrator could search by special Telephone numbers or IP Addresses!

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Sina Doctor's Surgery Management System
Sina Doctor's Surgery Management System is customizable web-based system that could cover all your surgery's need!

Just tell us what you need and we will re-achieve Sina for you or order it with its default options.

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