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    Graphic and Multimedia    

Multimedia and interactivity has become a mainstay in the modern communication business. People understand better when they are presented information in various formats, visual and aural media.
With the advancement in digital encoding it is possible to deliver a dynamic visual message to your customers or investors via video streaming. We work with cutting edge postproduction designers to create a powerful and dynamic presentation that reflects your message and your company's identity.
Multimedia Services
We can take just about any media and turn it into something that can be played on the web. Our Dream Solutions are carved using the today’s technology and tomorrow's ideas to help you make the impressive first and lasting impression that's crucial to the success of your business:

Digital video optimization for web compatible media
Multimedia solutions for CD-ROM, trade shows demos, training, education and sales presentations.
Interactive Sales & Marketing Presentations
Presentations for Trade shows & Exhibitions
Interactive productions can be completed for delivery on CD-ROM

The key to success in today's market is not just providing premier quality services but also to market the qualities in the best possible manner. It is here that multimedia presentations add the cutting edge to your image, making your company appear suave and techno savvy in addition to a quality service provider. Corporate multimedia presentations ensure that your premier quality also gets premier attention. The colorful animations, pictures with audio and visual effects fascinate the audience and trigger attention to a greater degree.

TCOM has the experience and creativity to meet all your digital media needs. Our artists are experts in visually communicating your ideas and can help you achieve the maximum presentation impact. At the forefront of digital media technology, we carefully design each application with your individual needs in mind. We incorporate high end graphics, animation, audio, video, and interactive features into a presentation that can be delivered on CD-ROM.

TCOM is a credible & professional source to outsource IT related Multimedia projects.


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